Essay on my favorite possession

Life is pointless without a friend.

Essay on my favorite possession

Essay on my favourite movie

I have an IPhone 5s and I love it! The multiple reasons that I love my phone is because I have unlimited texting, and a data plan of 10 GB that I share with my mom ,so I can basically use internet anytime I want when I want, and I can get apps for various things like music, and other things.

My phone was designed in California by Apple, but the phone was made in manufacturing countries like Mongolia, China Korea, and Taiwan. The company the iPhone software is from is a company called Foxconn ,which is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan.

Filie told us that, but if he didn't tell us I still wouldn't be surprised because one I do not pay attention to the box and where the phone is made and two most of the products in America are not made in America. The most common country that products are made then shipped to other counties is China.

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This has not changed my feeling on my phone image because my phone does what I need it to do, which is call people, text people, play music, and play games. Over 60 percent of products are not made in America, which leaves less than 40 percent of products that are bought in the USA are actually made in the USA.

I feel like my phone and the other many other favorite possessions that were not made in America are a part of the 60 percent that will always be a part of my life.Essay crime in society better hobby creative writing india experience essay about travel by train article review for science educational small essay on my city allahabadWhat is financial management essay statements personal essay summary qualifications my exams essay in english wikipedia (hook on an essay examples phrases) essay introduction about my self reflective health and education essay.

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Essay on my favorite possession

May 11,  · My favourite possession is my computer, because in him I can make many things. One of my favorites things is to listen to music very hard. Also, as I have Internet I can be connected to msn and speak with my friends which is useful for example to do works.

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downloading much music since I like much to collect music discs. An essay or paper on Favorite Possession. The favorite possession I own is a set of pearl earrings in a silver setting.

Essay on my favorite possession

While the pearls are not overly valuable, they are real. However, these earrings are my favorite possession for a much bigger reason than their appearance or their material wort. - My Favorite Room-Personal Narrative My Recreation room is an excellent place to lounge; it is the den in my home.

Where my family can listen to music, or just getaway from the rat race of society. This den offers superior comfort and entertainment.

Jun 06,  · My most precious possession is a bullet. Well, to be more accurate, it is a bullet that has been fired from a revolver. It no longer has the normal shape of a bullet.

My Favorite Possesion