Hamm paper company

Early life[ edit ] Hamm was born in St. Louis County in Creve Coeur with his mother [5] until her death from colon cancerwhen he was 10 years old.

Hamm paper company

History[ edit ] The Theodore Hamm Brewing Company was established in when a German immigrant, Theodore Hamm [1] inherited the Excelsior Brewery from his friend and business associate, A. Keller, who had perished in California seeking his fortune in the gold fields.

Unable to finance the venture himself, Keller had entered into a partnership with Hamm to secure funding. Keller had constructed his brewery in over artesian wells in a section of the Phalen Creek valley in St.

Paul then known as Swede Hollow. Hamm, a butcher by trade and local saloon owner, first hired Jacob Schmidt as a brew master.

Jacob Schmidt remained with the company until the early s, becoming a close family friend of the Hamms. By he had established his own brewery on the site of the former Stalhmann Brewery site.

Hamm paper company

During Prohibitionthe company survived by producing soft drinks and other food products, enabling it to expand rapidly through acquisitions after the repeal of Prohibition in The latter two were short-lived and closed soon after they opened.

As the company celebrated its th anniversary, the family sold the brewery and left the brewing industry to focus on its real estate ventures.

History of ownership[ edit ] In the company was acquired by Heublein. It was at this time that the St. When it closed, the operation ended a year brewing tradition on the site. Its buildings were shuttered, and subsequently vandalized, demolished, or left to decay. Miller Brewing acquired the brand from Pabst in Premium, Golden Draft, and Special Light.

Brewing began on the site inwhen Andrew F. Keller established the Pittsburgh Excelsior Brewery. As collateral, Keller gave the deed to his small brewery and flour mill located on the east side of St.

Hamm paper company

Having lost his beer garden, Hamm moved his family into the brewery. The most notable expansion was the state-of-the-art brew house, which was built in In the wash house and part of the bottling plant were built, both of which still stand.

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