Manifestion of computer games

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Manifestion of computer games

He is an editor of the academic journal Medienobservationenwhere he has also published several reviews and articles on computer games, the Internet and related subjects. He lives and works in Munich. This constitutes the basic similarity between games and literature the following paper tries to explore.

Taking the process of reading as a model for the process of playing might seem like an oversimplification, but this is not the fault of the critical analogy, but rather of our simplistic understanding of the interaction between reader and text.

In order to understand this interaction properly, we must take into account the context, or contexts, in which the phenomenon of digital games is embedded.

While it seems obvious that computer games fall into the category of games, which is notoriously hard to define, many of them transcend this category by virtue of their ability to tell a story. Therefore, games must be seen as part of the tradition of narrative literature as well as that of games.

Furthermore, games can be seen as media, i. In the following paper, I will focus on the literary context of computer games. However, this does not mean that I regard the ludic and the media context as less important.

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Therefore, this attempt to locate computer games in the context of literature must not be misconstrued as an attempt to "colonize" the field of digital games. Ultimately, this approach aims at establishing computer game studies as an independent aesthetic subject, rather than a sub-discipline of literary studies.

In the first section of this paper I will give a brief overview of attempts undertaken so far to approach the field of computer games from a literary perspective. I will then single out what appear to be the three central problems of these approaches, and try to provide solutions for them.

The problematic issues I address are 1 the dichotomy of text and code, 2 interactivity and 3 narrative. Although I think that literary theory provides models to describe these phenomena, as well as a terminology that allows us to discuss them appropriately, in discussing the above-mentioned problems I rely on other theoretical concepts as well, especially from semiotics and second-order cybernetics.

Thus, the approach followed here extends well beyond the field of traditional philology, while remaining firmly rooted in literary studies. Games as Literature Historically, there have been many attempts to regard literary texts as games.

By contrast, analyzing games from a literary viewpoint is a rather new idea. Arguably, it is only through the advent of computer games, i.

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This was made possible not only by the fact that computer games are more "literary" than chess, poker and football, but also by the recent inflation of the meaning of the term "text. Therefore, Friedman argues, "what is needed is an analysis rooted in the distinct qualities of this new kind of interaction between viewer and text" It is a common fallacy to regard the code as a generative grammar of sorts that is able to create an infinity of gameplay experiences from a deep structure that is often likened to the "formula" that Russian formalist Vladimir Propp extracted from his analysis of folk-tales.

Manifestion of computer games

Carefully directing a character to perform a series of actions requires an exact semantic interpretation of a textual command. This exactness is not necessarily a component of a literary experience of interactive fiction [ Furthermore, a narrative must not necessarily belong to the category of literature, although the literary perspective arguably exerts some pressure to that effect.

This indiscriminate approach is practiced widely in the field of hypertext theory. In a paper entitled "Gore Galore: Hypertext fiction, on the other hand, follows and furthers the trajectory of hallowed touchstones of print culture, especially the avantgarde novel.

It had a picture for every location. In his conclusion, Juul notes that instead of telling a good story, "the qualities of computer games are based on entirely different factors: Only in the last two years, however, has it become a widely accepted paradigm.

While this approach does not rule out literary ambitions for computer games, it shifts the focus from the temporal sequence of individual events to the spatial organization of the game. In summary, we can say that regarding games as literature has many advantages, but we cannot overlook the disadvantages deriving from the transposition of static theoretical models from literary studies to the dynamic field of computer games.

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