Sample of related literature about pizza ordering

The term " logic " refers to the science that studies the principles of correct reasoning. Logic requires the act of reasoning by humans in order to form thoughts and opinions, as well as classifications and judgments. The foundation of a logical argument is its proposition, or statement. The proposition is either accurate true or not accurate false.

Sample of related literature about pizza ordering

For managers and decision-makers, process maps provide a way for analyzing and assessing the service delivery process Kubiak In relation, O'Donnell and O'Donnell noted that process maps helps managers and decision makers by placing interrelating systems into perspective and showing how each task, system, and team members relates in a manner that is easy to understand.

This paper details the process map for providing services to customers in a typical restaurant. In addition, this paper discusses the layout used for the process.

Process Flow in the Restaurant The process flow for the restaurant is shown in Figure 1. The process starts when customers enter the restaurant. Near the entrance is the temporary holding area where the receptionist gets the names of the customers.

Afterwards, customers are directed to the waiting area where they will wait while the table is being prepared. Then, the receptionist directs the customers to their table. Once seated, the customers begin to review the menu and waits for the waiter for the placement of the order. The waiter then takes the order and afterwards confirms to the customers whether all orders were taken.

When the customers confirm the order, the waiter then places the order on the order board, otherwise ask the customers to repeat the orders. The chef then takes the order and reviews it. If there are no clarifications to make, the chef proceeds to cooking the food, otherwise call the attention of the waiter to verify the orders.

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After cooking the food, the chef prepares the food and places it on the designated area and rings the bell to call the attention of the waiter.

The waiter then picks up the prepared food and serves it to the customers. The customers then eat the food and subsequently ask for the check. After a certain period, the waiter arrives with the check.

The customer then reviews the check. If there are no concerns, the customer pays the bill, otherwise verify the check to the waiter. After paying, the customer finally leaves the restaurant. Analysis of the Process Looking first at the elements of the process map, the red ovals in the process map represent the start and end of the process.

Sample of related literature about pizza ordering

The first red oval that is seen in the process map signals the start of the process, while the last red oval indicates the end of the process. The green rectangles on the other hand, represent operations or work activities.

Consequently, there are about 12 green rectangles in the process map, which show vital activities or tasks. Meanwhile, the yellow diamonds signals a decision point, which involves inspection and counterchecking.

In the process map for the restaurant, there are three diamonds, in which the waiter, the chef, and customers conduct inspection or counterchecking. Next, the purple triangles represent idle times or delay. In relation, there are five purple triangles, which signal idle times or waiting time throughout the process.

Finally, the arrows represent movements or transportation. Moving to the process time, each step in the process consumes a considerable amount of time.

For example, it takes about 10 minutes before the customers are taken to their seats. Upon entry, the customers are held temporarily to allow the receptionist to get their names, which takes about five minutes.Giant Story Problems: Visualizing the Language of Math ~ Asilomar Renée Goularte~ Eleanor is going out for pizza with friends, and she is watching.

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Buns and Pizza Ordering system is an integration of different operations: ordering, pricing, and billing systems, customers input orders directly into the computer, which communicates the customer’s order to the kitchen/5(37).

This way management will be guaranteed that the hotel was being built instead of ordering the products before the construction.

In addition, Disney's management should never make a deal over the phone or orally with a merchant. Type of lease agreement would be most effective for a pizza place.

The formation of sales and lease contracts. (Ordering System - Sub-system Level Requirement) (This VSN demonstrates the comprehensive testing of the software and hardware subsystem of the automated ordering process.

This VSN is executed concurrently with VSN-7 to test the FCFS queuing requirement to be satisfied by the ordering subsystem. Free online ordering system for restaurants. Modern & easy food ordering software to start taking online orders from your website, Facebook page & mobile app!

Unlimited online orders. Zero commissions. Everything you need to get more sales and offer the ultimate customer experience! Set up within minutes. Background and Related Work This Case study looks at the problem of setting up a fast food restaurant.

In existing system there are few problems: • Web Ordering System- provides the functionality for customers to place their order and supply necessary details.

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