Writing a funded project proposal

Goals are broad, general, intangible, and abstract. A goal is really about the final impact or outcome that you wish to bring about. In the case of goals for a grant proposal, make sure they are linked back to your need statement.

Writing a funded project proposal

While there are many different ways for organizations to raise funds, large donations and dedicated donors greatly affect the way a charity functions and funds projects.

Because you are often asking for large amounts of money, make sure the proposal is professional and addresses all information the donor needs to know.

Cover Sheet In a cover letter or cover sheet, write a paragraph to summarize the proposal.

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Because the entire proposal may extend past 10, 20 or even 30 pages, the three to five sentences you write here should concisely state your organization's name, purpose, the funds requested and what project in what community. Organizational Information This section should be very similar to a business plan for a for-profit business.

Explain what the organization is all about, its mission and how it serves the community. Include a SWOT analysis, which reviews the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the organization and the new project.

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Biographies of the organizational leaders should explain why they are at the helm and what has been accomplished under their management. Include prior years' funding resources, budgets and balance sheets. Project Summary Once you have explained what the organization is about and how it accomplishes its mission, specifically review why these project funds are needed.

Include a description of the project, the budgetary requirements and timelines to get the project launched and fully operational.

Define the problem that exists, and explain why this project will help fill the gap to better serve the community. For example, an established women's shelter could be at capacity and has an opportunity to buy and renovate a building next door to expand within 12 months to serve 50 additional women monthly.

Project Work Plan The work plan explains what has already happened to develop the project and what needs to happen to get it through completion.

Types of Research Proposals

This section would include any types of vendor bids, including contractor work, timelines and materials needed. If you don't have a complete plan, include as much as you have and explain why you are stuck at this point; it could be that funds are needed to move to the next step.

Project Budget All budget items should be included in the proposal. Create a line-item budget that breaks every component down.

In the women's shelter example, your budget would include permits, the cost of the building, contractors, furniture, labor, materials and supplies.

writing a funded project proposal

It may also include costs for outreach and professional services. Other Funding Resources A donor will want to know if you have other donors, grants or funding resources. Not only does this alleviate some of the risk the one donor will take on, it shows that others are interested and have committed to the project, so include this information.

Writing a Funding Proposal About the Author With more than 15 years of small business ownership including owning a State Farm agency in Southern California, Kimberlee understands the needs of business owners first hand.

When not writing, Kimberlee enjoys chasing waterfalls with her son in Hawaii.This online course is designed to help with the basics of developing a project budget, and it is geared for those who have general knowledge of proposal development.

(Beginners might want to take the Proposal Writing Short Course.). The project overview is the most important component of the project proposal.

It gives the first impression of the request for the grant, and by serving as a summary, it gives the last impression. The Business of Art: Proposal Writing for Funding Projects. Securing a grant requires organization, research, and follow-through.

Below you will find the key components for a successful search and a brief description of the different types of granting organizations. But for a better chance of receiving funding, submit a proposal describing the need for $5, for 10 laptops for a middle school writing project that will strengthen students’ language skills.

Funders provide grants for innovative projects, not just for materials. The ideal format and language for your proposal will vary with the kind of project you envision, and with the discipline in which your project is situated.

writing a funded project proposal

UAR GENERAL PROPOSAL WRITING GUIDE. Proposal Style Guide – Quick Reference. CFP/RFPs – Start your writing process by examining the call or request for proposals (CFP/RFP); this will tell you who your readers are (funding agency, reviewers), what they want (types of projects/research they are soliciting and have funded in the past), where they want it (where must projects/research be conducted), and when they want it by.

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